Elite Model Fast

Type 3 fast dental stone for antagonists and models in general. Fast production of models in general, antagonists and flasking of removable prosthesis.


  • Fast casting of the model in only 15:00 min maintaining an adequate working time
  • Thixotropic for simplified model production
  • Extreme versatility due to its superior characteristics compared to other stones of the same class
  • Optimal compressive strength


  • Thixotropic
  • Low expansion
  • High mechanical characteristics
  • Universal use
  • Available in three colours: Sky Blue, Light Cream, White


Zhermack recommends using:

  • Gypstray, for removing stone residues
  • Elite mix, its fully electronic management guarantees a constant mixing quality as well as a silent operation

Technical Data* (ISO 6873)

ISO 6873*
Water/powder ratio30 ml / 100 g
Mixing time (manual)60''
Mixing time (vacuum, 240 rpm)30''
Working time
Setting time (Vicat)8'
Removal time **
Expansion after 2 h0.10%
Expansion after 48 h0.10%
Compressive strength after 1 h36 MPa (366 kg/cm²)
Compressive strength after 48 h65 MPa (662 kg/cm²)
* Data referred to 30 ml water / 100 g powder ratio
** The specified times may change depending on the impression material used


C4100691 bag Light Cream, 200 g
C4100621 bag Sky Blue, 200 g
C4100681 bag Light Cream, 1 kg
C4100661 bag Sky Blue, 1 kg
C4100641 bag  White, 1 kg

C4100671 bag Light Cream, 3 kg
C4100651 bag Sky Blue, 3 kg
C4100631 bag White, 3 kg

C4102261 sack Light Cream, 25 kg
C4102241 sack Sky Blue, 25 kg
C4102281 sack White, 25 kg

C4103081 drum Light Cream, 25 kg
C410306drum Sky Blue, 25 kg
C4103091 drum White, 25 kg


C305120Elite Mix mixer for gypsums and investments 230 V
C305125Elite Mix mixer for gypsums and investments 115 V


C300992 C410461C410462
Rubber bowl Measuring scoopWater dispenser
SpatulaMeasuring set 
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