Dual-module sandblasting machine with recycle


  • Excellent visibility and lighting inside the chamber
  • Completely pneumatic
  • Great dependability and low maintenance for a minimum investment cost
  • 1-year warranty


  • Equipped with two cylinders with a usable capacity of approximately 0.5 litres each 
  • Adjustable pressure with pressure regulator and relative readable 
  • Two handpieces with nozzles (0.8 mm and 1.3 mm respectively) ready to work with aluminium oxide/ glass beads 
  • Air pumping system within the cylinders which allows the grit to exit completely from the nozzles 
  • Selector for which cylinder to be used inside the chamber 
  • Pedal control 
  • Power supply plug and exit pipe to connect to the extractor 
  • Protective sheet placed on closure window 
  • Recycling system, equipped with ø 3 mm tungsten carbide nozzle, which allows the material deposited on the bottom to be reused for rough-shaping operations

Technical Data

L37 cm / P42 cm / H37 cm
Number of tanks
Total power9 Watt
Voltage (V-Hz)230 V ± % / 50-60 Hz
11 Kg


C305604S 24 R Sandblasting machine with recirculating system


XB0060650Additional module, third cylinder for Dune 2
XR0061540Dune glass protection (5 pcs)
C308100White aluminium oxide 25 µm  -  4 Kg
C308102White aluminium oxide 50 µm  -  4 Kg
C308104White aluminium oxide 75 µm  -  4 Kg
C308106White aluminium oxide 90 µm  -  4 Kg
C308108White aluminium oxide 110 µm  -  4 Kg
C308110White aluminium oxide 125 µm  -  4 Kg
C308112White aluminium oxide 150 µm  -  4 Kg
C308114White aluminium oxide 180 µm  -  4 Kg
C308116White aluminium oxide 250 µm  -  4 Kg
C308118Black corundum 250 µm - 10 Kg
C308119Microscopic glass beads 40/70 µm - 3 Kg
C308121Microscopic glass beads 90/150 µm - 3 Kg
C308123Microscopic glass beads 150/250 µm - 3 Kg
C305608SAB 1000 Extractor for sandblasting machines
XR0060065Glass protection sheets

Standard components

XR0060040nozzle ø 0.8 mm
XR0060050nozzle ø 1.3 mm
XR0060055nozzle ø 3.0 mm for recirculating


The main switch is turned to ON but
the light does not come on.
1. The light bulb has been damaged.
2.The sandblasting equipment power lead is
not correctly inserted in the socket or is faulty (frayed
wiring, damaged etc.).
1. Replace the light bulb.
2. Check that the plug is inserted
correctly or replace the power
lead. If the problems persists
contact an Authorised Service Centre.
The sand does not exit the nozzle
feed duct or the nozzle correctly.
1. Feed duct is clogged.
2. Nozzle is clogged.
3. Tank closure knob is not tightened properly.
4. Tank lid seal s worn.
5. No sand inside the tank.
6. Sands of microns different from those
indicated on the tank have been used.
7. The feed duct has a hole in it.
1. Unscrew the sandblasting nozzle
crown, remove it and repeatedly
press the pedal control until
the sand is freed from the duct.
2. Free the nozzle hole.
3. Close the tank hermetically with
the closure knob.
4. Change the lid seal.
5. Introduce sand into the sanding
6. Change the tank and introduce
sand with the micron rating
indicated on the tank.
7. Change the feed duct.
The sand does not exit the recycle
sandblasting block properly (versions
S24R - S25R)
1. The sand recycle device is clogged.1. Close the recycle nozzle (for
the S24R press the control pedal
repeatedly too) so that the air
pressure brings the sand clot
towards the interior.
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