Promoting health and wellbeing of feet

Zhermack proposals for the podological field are: condensation-cured putty silicones and addition-cured silicones (liquid and putty).
All medical devices have the CE certification

Addition-cured putty silicones

Addition-cured putty silicones are used to correct foot defects and protect the foot. The product is applied directly on the foot in order to work out an extremely detailed customized solution. Hardening occurs in a few minutes and does not trouble the patient.

Condensation-cured putty siliconesCondensation-cured silicones, used for the correction and protection of the foot, have three levels of hardness:

Addition-cured liquid silicones

Addition-cured liquid silicones are used to make heel-cups, insoles, toe separators and big toe straighteners.

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